G Dragon Vocabulary 삐딱하게 (Crooked)

((from the three repeated parts))

(first repeated part)

영원한: forever/eternal

절대: permanent/absolute

결국에: (in the) end/eventually 

변하다: to change

이유: reason

진심: sincerity

사랑: love

소리: noise/sound

삐딱하다: crooked

(second repeated part)

내버러둬: leave/leave me alone/leave it

어차피: anyway

혼자: alone

아무: nobody (in negative sentences)


의미: meaning

사탕: candy

위로: comfort/console

(third repeated part)

믿다: believe

마냥: forever

행복하다: to be happy

우습다: to be funny

남겨지다: to be left

새끼 손가락: little finger

맹세하다: to vow/swear/promise

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Common Korean Phrases & Words in K-pop

  • 사랑해 (saranghae): “I love you”
  • 보고 싶어 (bogo shipeo): “I miss you; want to see you”
  • 몰라 (molla): informal/slang = “I don’t know”
  • 돌아와 (dorawa): “come back”
  • 괜찮아 (gwenchana): informal = “it’s alright/okay”
  • 것 같다 (geot gata): an expression used when the subject of the conversation is uncertain; e.g. “seems to be”
  • 점점 (jeomjeom): varies by context, but used to show degree (i.e. “more and more,” “less and less, or “little by little,” etc.)
  • 어떻게 (eotteoke): “How…?” or “What should/can I do?”
  • 안돼 (andwae): affixed with a negative force; basically “no”/”can’t”
  • 너무 (neomu): “so,” “too much,” or “very,” etc.
  • 이젠 (ijen): “now” as in “from now on”
  • 이렇게 (ireoke): “like this; in this way”
  • 아직 (ajik): “yet; still”
  • 다시 (dasi): “again”
  • 더 (deo): “more”
  • 니가 (niga): “you are”
  • 모든 (modeun): “every; all”
  • 항상 (hangsang): “always”
  • 곁에 (gyeotae): “next to; by”
  • 가슴이 (gaseumi): “heart; chest”
  • 쉽게 (swipge): adverb = “easily”
  • 오늘도 (oneuldo): “today”
  • 하루 (haru): “day,” thus haru haru means “day by day”
  • 하지만 (hajiman): “but; however,” not to be confused with…
  • 하지마 (hajima): “stop it; don’t do it”
  • 말이야 (mariya): verb = “speaking of”; also used for emphasis
  • 왜 (wae): typically “why” but also “what” in different contexts
  • 자꾸 (jakku): to continuously do something or keep from doing something (literal translation is “keep”)
  • 있어 (isseo): “there is/exists” (positive)
  • 없어 (eobseo): “there isn’t” (negative) also “can’t/don’t”

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Music Vocab: One of a Kind - G-Dragon



재주: talent, skill, gift
일급: first class
사건: incident, affair
유행: fashion, trend, vogue
장난: prank, mischief, joke
빈집: vacant house
침실: bedroom
눕히다: to lay (down)
건물: building, structure

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Music Vocab: THAT XX (그XX – G-DRAGON(지 드래곤)



우연히: by accident, by chance
예감: hunch
절대로: never
영원: eternity, eternal
뻔히: clearly, obviously
헤어지다: to part (from)
고급: high rank
만지다: to touch, feel
분명: clearly, plainly
죄: crime, offense,…

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sydneytoseoul: Top 100 Most Useful Korean Verbs: Full List ›


Here’s the full list ^^ ~

  1. 오다: to come
  2. 마시다: to drink
  3. 먹다: to eat
  4. 주다: to give
  5. 가다: to go
  6. 듣다: to hear
  7. 배우다: to learn
  8. 만들다: to make
  9. 앉다: to sit
  10. 자다: to sleep
  11. 씻다: to wash
  12. 쓰다: to write
  13. 울다: to cry
  14. 갖다: to have
  15. 웃다: to laugh
  16. 보다: to see
  17. 일어나다: to get up
  18. 걷다: to walk
  19. 춤추다: to dance
  20. 만나다: to meet

Along with the adjectives, this list is very useful as well! and again, I would try doing 10 a day with these as well! :)

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sydneytoseoul: Top 100 Most Useful Korean Adjectives: Full List ›


Here’s the full list of adjectives~~ ^-^

1. 행복하다: to be happy
2. 기쁘다: to be glad, happy
3. 화나다: to be angry
4. 슬프다: to be sad
5. 아프다: to be sick, painful
6. 피곤하다: to be tired, exhausted
7. 배가 고프다: to be hungry
8. 목이 마르다: to be thirsty
9. 졸리다: to be sleepy
10. 걱정하다: to be worried
11. 무섭다: to be…

I’ve been finding these really useful. If you do 10 a day, it’s not too over-whelming.  :) 

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And finallyyyyy, this is 검은 or 검은색 which means black!

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woah lol the way u study korean seems so cute xD

thank you so much!! ^^

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The Fall - Filming Locations (Click Gifs for Location Info)

“My production value is going to be the earth; I’m going to use the entire world as my backdrop.” Tarsem Singh, (dir.)

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This is 회 or 회색 which means gray.

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